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Trivia question: Nottingham Forest were promoted to the Premier League after a 23-year absence yesterday. Which former cabinet minister said they would spend more time watching the club upon their retirement?

29 May 1986.

#OnThisDay the 🇪🇺 EU flag was raised for the first time in front of the Berlaymont building – our headquarters in Brussels.

The then Commission’s President, Jacques Delors, led the ceremony to mark its official adoption to the sound of the EU anthem.


Answer: Clement Attlee (Labour) and Clement Davies (Liberal).

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Trivia question: Anthony Eden's Conservatives emerged as the winner of the 1955 election on this day 67 years ago. But who were leading Labour and the Liberals?

Seems I’m developing a following in Neuchâtel. A little unexpected.

I really am loving the new look Proton.

Hopefully some kind soul will produce an emoji for the new look. 🤓

Trivia question: Edward Heath privatised which iconic high street business on this day in 1972?

Though, one thing it needs for verbose posters such as I: the ability to add another post from the compose window.

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Thank the old gods and the new. The official Mastodon app now has a new post button at the bottom of the screen.

List of Worker-Owned Tech Cooperatives Worldwide

I'm linking to the HN discussion as it's interesting how techbros like to say something's not possible when there's literally lots of people doing it!

(Yes, I've submitted a PR to add @weareopencoop)

It is done. I may now style myself Dr Winter.

It feels amazing to have realised a boyhood dream. The journey, that being the last twenty or so years since I left school, has been one with more diversions and dead ends than I would have liked. But if putting the letters PhD in my list of credentials means anything, it is that so long as you have a clear goal and an even clearer plan for achieving that goal, it can be achieved despite the world’s best efforts to subdue your dreams.

One I saw elsewhere.

‘Today, I learned that one horsepower is about 745.7 Newton meters per second and one elonhorse is about $250k.’

Answer: Robert Baden-Powell, later Lord Baden-Powell, was the commander. Lord Edward Cecil, son of the prime minister the Marquess of Salisbury, was serving alongside him.

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Trivia question: British troops relieved the South African town of Mafeking from a six-month siege at the height of the Second Boer War on this day in 1902. Who was the British commander in the town, and which prime minister's son was trapped with him?

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