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It is done. I may now style myself Dr Winter.

It feels amazing to have realised a boyhood dream. The journey, that being the last twenty or so years since I left school, has been one with more diversions and dead ends than I would have liked. But if putting the letters PhD in my list of credentials means anything, it is that so long as you have a clear goal and an even clearer plan for achieving that goal, it can be achieved despite the world’s best efforts to subdue your dreams.

One I saw elsewhere.

‘Today, I learned that one horsepower is about 745.7 Newton meters per second and one elonhorse is about $250k.’

Answer: Robert Baden-Powell, later Lord Baden-Powell, was the commander. Lord Edward Cecil, son of the prime minister the Marquess of Salisbury, was serving alongside him.

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Trivia question: British troops relieved the South African town of Mafeking from a six-month siege at the height of the Second Boer War on this day in 1902. Who was the British commander in the town, and which prime minister's son was trapped with him?

Don't be worried about your smartphone and TV spying on you. Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on your for years. #pun #humor

‘At every stage of maturing as an organization, you still need to be really good at the prior stages. It's not as if once you finally get to the resource allocation or capital allocation phase that it becomes your exclusive focus.’

— Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO of Box

Answer: Work and pensions secretary, trade and industry secretary, education secretary, health secretary and home secretary.

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Trivia question: Alan Johnson, the former Labour MP, turns 72 today. He held five cabinet posts under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Which?

Answer: Rhyl, north Wales. Or if you want to be clever about how you interpret that question: in the face.

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Trivia question: John Prescott, then deputy prime minister, punched a man who had thrown an egg at him on this day in 2001. Where?

The cultural difference between #Twitter and #Fediverse and how it affects users:

Algorithms: Makes you think you're interesting

Decentralisation: Makes you realise you're not.

Map of POW camp Stalag Luft III showing the locations of the 'Great Escape' tunnels.

Is there any interest in an official Pixelfed hosting service?

Pay as low as $5/month for your own instance with an export feature to easily migrate your data to your own server down the road if you choose.

This could help fund development and our other initiatives like!

#pixelfed #fediverse #selfHost #askFedi

Hmm... seems to be a 9 version difference between the latest versions of Firefox and Tor.

I'm sure not news to anyone else, but I hadn't notice that before.

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