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Due to this thing called , decided to holiday near home this year. Not a bad thing when there are views this spectacular in the town I currently call home.

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Let us remember Desmond Tutu. Remember the difference one voice can make. Remember that even in the deepest darkness, & fundamental freedoms will always be our guiding light.

This is what thought us all & this is the message we must forever carry on.

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‘What's astonishing isn't that establishment institutions make big factual mistakes that serve a politically convenient narrative.

What's astonishing is that they will retract factually correct tweets which prove unpopular but won't delete false ones that appeal to their base.’

A Heartening End To Queen Elizabeth’s First Televised Christmas Message, 1957.

O Come, All Ye Faithful - Westminster Abbey, Christmas Eve Service.

If you don't respect #copyright, at least respect authors. Attribute them, ask their opinion on your use of their work, support their creativity.
Appreciating someone's work doesn't mean supporting capitalism.

One I saw elsewhere:

‘It’s weird to realise how many gifts in the 12 days of Christmas are birds. 6 out of the first 7, your true love just gives you birds — 23 in all. What if you don’t even like birds?

I bet on day 5 your like, golden rings… phew… we’re finally done with all the birds. Then BAM! Six geese.’

‘For centuries, the location of the 8th-century BC temple of Hercules, built near the modern city of Cadiz, has been lost and its magnificence turned to myth. Until now, according to Spanish archaeologists.’

One of the great Christmas poems. Read by the legendary Sir John Gielgud.

I’ve noticed a rise in the number of people in the fediverse using threads. While I’m a big fan of something long becoming a blog article, adaptation usually beats wish fulfilment. So I hope the creators of improve the UI to better display threads.

Save my timeline looking like it’s getting spammed…

General Sir William Marshall reads the Turkish Armistice address in Baghdad - 2 November 1918.

Crowning of King George VI • 1937.

Some may recall the scene from the film ‘The King’s Speech’ in which the Archbishop recalls not being able to find the front of the crown. This is the actual scene.

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God Save The King • George VI Coronation, Westminster Abbey, 1937.

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🌕 We're grateful for tonight's full Moon, a brilliant light on a long, dark night. The last full Moon of year comes just before the winter solstice – the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere 🌕

An interesting listing some of the names different parts of Europe have for .

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