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Sinclair Group's cookie policy popup triggers a long fake progress delay if you deny their tracking cookies. It doesn't actually set the cookie setting until after the delay. This is a UX dark pattern to trick people into cancelling and being tracked.

“Unconstrained by democratic accountability, China can pay what is asked without too much concern about the market – unlike Britain, whose private energy companies are subject to a mandatory cap on how much they can charge. This is an auction in which Britain starts at a disadvantage.”

Mike Proulx, a director at Forrester, said “Facebook had left itself vulnerable… by placing all of its services on to a unified IT system… [this] creates some operational efficiencies and insulation from a potential break up by regulators… [but] like old-school Christmas lights where one goes out, they all go out.”

‘Researchers working on the so-called Cloud Brightening project said they use a turbine to spray microscopic sea particles to thicken existing clouds and reduce sunlight on the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem located off Australia’s northeast coast.’

"Watch this space. There’s a pretty good chance that the big data scandal of the 2024 Election is unfolding on your Facebook feed right now."

'Instead of these three paths, the Fourth Way seeks to provide an alternative in which a student can seek to find a sense of mastery while still living their everyday life.'

As A.J.P. Taylor observed of the French Emperor Napoleon III, he “learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.” Is Xi Jinping a Chinese version of Napoleon III?

And does Tocqueville's dictum also apply, that "the most critical moment for bad governments is the one which witnesses their first steps toward reform"?

"Plagiarist" was the term for kidnappers in Ancient Rome. Marcus Valerius Martialis, a Roman poet of (1st century AD), is supposed to be the first one to use this term to refer to literary theft.

#copyright #plagiarism #ancientrome #martialis #history

We're helping a client with their digital strategy & an important part of it is hiring their first-ever Product Lead!

If you're into #productmanagement and want to help with the #climatecrisis this could be the perfect position for you 🌱


Originally posted on the bird site by @tylermorganwall

New ! The Earth's submarine fiber optic cable network, visualized in with .


Rayrender Github:

> Count Dracula was 412 when he moved to England in search of new blood.
> Sauron was 54,000 years old when he forged the One Ring.
> Cthulhu had seen galaxies flare into life and fade to darkness before he put madness in the minds of men.
> It's never too late to follow your dreams!

—Angry Robot Books, April 17 2021 🐘

Digital tech was so much more exciting and fun when it was a nice-to-have that we tinkered with in our spare time, not a byzantine mess of constantly changing infrastructure that we depend on for dozens of essential daily functions.

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