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Voltaire said the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman nor was it an empire.

The same it seems could be said of the Liberal International Order, it isn't liberal, it isn't international nor is it ordered.

'It’s not just the qualitative untruth of a lie that matters, it’s also the quantitative untruth of a lie that matters.' - P. J. O'Rourke

One I saw elsewhere, but apt for the times in which we live.

‘Having lived through and actual plague, I now understand why Renaissance paintings are full of fat naked people laying on couches.’

‘Occasionally out of morbid curiosity I browse LinkedIn. What a dystopian world of stilted management speak and on-message bullshit it is. The truth-killing antiseptic cultural wasteland of late bureaucratic capitalism in the form of a social media platform’ - Capel Lofft

The size of the average web page (defined as the average page size of the 500,000 most popular websites) increased from 0.45 megabytes in 2010 to 1.7 megabytes in June 2018.

Apple will install a back door to Messages and will scan your photos on-device against an inscrutable and unauditable database. Extremely bad news. Others will follow (or are silently doing it already) and there is still no good alternative to Apple/Google’s ecosystems.

Anyone else who uses the 'Toot' app on iOS experiencing connection issues with it? I know my Mastodon instance is working because I can post / read fine from the web. But the mobile app...

‘The modern-day Olympic movement, although founded as a monument to amateurism, has long since mutated into a monument to capitalism.’

A man paints a line between the Soviet sector (left) and the British sector (right). A striking reminder of the arbitrariness of sovereign borders. 1948

In a recent exchange on the Fediverse, I was put in mind of trust relationships. Do you trust your government? Do you trust your doctor? Do you trust your police force? Do you trust your digital service provider?

Today, service life trust is my muse.

If you like #scifi and music that seem to take over your neck muscles and eyelids (you know what I'm talking about if you really let yourself get sucked in) check out Melodysheep. Currently listening to continuum.


Had a chat with about @writefreely, privacy, and removing roadblocks from our tools to help you write more.

Unpacking a new MacBook from work and I have to say I am impressed by the thought that went into the package. Very easy to open, no knife needed, pull tabs etc.

If only it was so easy to open their machines

I mostly (read pretty much exclusively) use Swiss based services in my private life. The reason is that 'hosted in Switzerland' has a certain value in the data sovereignty space.

So it would be the height of irony, should the Swiss Government decide on a non-Swiss, or at the least a non-Swiss based data center, solution for its data.

Time for me to start answering some of the hard hitting questions in life. Up today…to which ‘-stan’ are you the closest?

At no point in this extract did I know what the next word would be…

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