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Far too corporate consulting for many peoples’ taste I know, but some interesting ideas in two McKinsey infographics I saw recently.

I think the idea of reframing mistakes should be used with a high level of caution, but better that than creating a culture in which people conceal their mistakes.

35 mins until more than 99% of the world’s population experiences simultaneous daylight.

Yet another reason why living in Australia means you’re part of the 1%.

Griping and terrifying report from on YouTube’s algorithm. Stellar work MoFo >

‘Linux support is often viewed as an afterthought by most VPN services. Most Linux VPN apps typically fall far short of the features available to users of other platforms (when they exist at all).’

Given the length of time Windows and Mac versions have been available, this rings a little hollow as it feels like an after thought. But for all that, I welcome the new Linux App and hope more groups put a development spotlight on Linux.

Oh joy… when installing ffmpeg it must be >4. The default repository installs 4.4. PeerTube has a bug which makes it incompatible with 4.4. 🤦‍♂️

Now to workout how to downgrade to a supported version.

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I posted too soon. Seems videos will upload, but not play. Currently troubleshooting...

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Well... next step on my federated / self-hosted journey is complete. Winter Ink PeerTube is officially online.

Not sure what content it is eventually going to contain as, ironically, I do less video work these days than I did back when getting videos online was a codec nightmare.

But for all that, it is live in all its glory.

‘Rede oft is found at the rising of the Sun.’ - Legolas

‘Rede’ or ‘ræd’is a beautiful archaic word that simply means ‘counsel.’ The most famous (and misused) application is Æthelred Unræd, often known as Æthelred the unready. But it actually means ‘Æthelred the Badly Counseled.’

Top 30 airports in by volume of passengers - 2017.

In 2020, due to Covid restrictions, Heathrow only moved 22 million passengers. Yet another extraordinary effect of the pandemic., and Hamburg illustrator Marie-Pascale Gafinen have developed an infographic, which lists five main methods and 15 further sub-categories of misinformation.

In trying to setup PeerTube, I seem to have broken my Mastodon service. This is a restore from a backup.

Everything appears to work... but I seem to have lost the last few hours of posts.

For all aspiring authors out there. Some tips from the trade: how to take a great author photo.

“He was a man of the left, but he attacked its holy images as fervently as he did those of the right. His was the isolation of every man who seeks the truth diligently, no matter how unpleasant its implications may be to others or to himself.”

Woodcock on Orwell

It feels a bit like something out of Star Trek to be talking about spaceports, but this is the age in which we live.

Active Spaceports / Rocket Launch Sites (2018 by National Geographic).

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