Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559. This print from c.1603 shows her holding the orb and sceptre and wearing a magnificent embroidered and jewelled dress.

@freddy Thank you for the encouraging words. I enjoy them and would happily post even if just an audience of me. But nice to know others are finding stimulation in them too!

'unquestionably the greatest astronomer of his age': died 1742 in Greenwich, Edmond Halley, astronomer royal from 1721. 
Best known for predicting the transit of 'his' comet - sometimes thought to presage disaster. 
Next due in 2061.

‘The essence of my socialism is libertarian socialism. I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Socialism to me is the right to disagree.’

Eric Heffer, trade unionist and Labour MP for Liverpool Walton from 1964 until his death in 1991, was born 1922.

@Luke Must be incompetent. If you were paying someone to throw the match, surely they’d make it less obvious. Or you’d want your fixer fee back.

As prime minister, his most significant achievement was the abolition of the slave trade in 1807.

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Died 1834, William Wyndham Grenville, Lord Grenville, one of only 2 father & son pairings both to be :
‘the flowers of imagination, or the gaieties of society never seduced him astray.’

people have always supposed that if aliens landed everyone would panic but i think if they landed right now everyone would just be like "oh thank god, someone smart enough to help"



PEOPLE WHO ENJOY #MINECRAFT , whether on Bedrock OR Java, whether PC or Console or Mobile..


Join the community chat at matrix.to/#/#FediCraft:matrix.

If you have questions, ask them there. If you wanna get in, ask there.

#Fedicraft is a Vanilla-plus server. That means it runs primarily vanilla Minecraft 1.18.1 with the addition of some datapacks for crafting, optional additional resources like 3D plants by default, and gravestones.

Apparently a border river between and Russia.

Given their history, the notice about urinating is perhaps apt. 😉

@dajbelshaw I often wondered what the Tetris theme music would sound like on an ultra-orthodox Game Boy. Now I know...

Very cool. 😃

[RP @unesco]
Tribute to Stephen Hawking, interpreter of the universe & advocate for people with disabilities, born in 1942.

Professor Hawking embodied the values of UNESCO to share knowledge & empower people.

May his star forever shine.

💫 t.co/5xT0lxgflM

@dajbelshaw @capellofft haha! One of my favourite periods in history. My polling also isn’t much of a surprise. 🙃

@wouter Well, technically you did it legally as you have paid for the content. That you will consume non-paid versions doesn’t take away from the creators getting some coin for their efforts.

@openrisk Haha! Well... they were part of a confederation. So yes, very Star Trek.

They were steadily overrun by / assimilated into the Goth and Hun tribes and ultimately became part of the Slavic nations of Eastern Europe.

Something a bit different from me this time. After a recent conversation with @garritfra about solving a Rubik’s Cube, here’s a guide on how I do it.

This even features videos this time around…only of my hands and voice though! 😂


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