Fabulous map from August 2013 showing where thrive in Serengeti National Park.

‘High-quality habitat is crucial to a lion pride; midsize prides generally control the best real estate and do better at holding on to their prime territories.’


Ahh, the best of British: awkward TV presenters… ‘so many knobs in one cockpit.’ 😂

Those familiar with their military ordnance will recognise the German, Russian and American variants.

Those familiar with will recognise the Danish version.

When you receive a commission asking: 'Please could you paint a Friday night at pub kicking out time, with all the fights, kebabs, and throwing up in gutters, but in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry?'

A fine example of what I can only describe as avant-Romanesque by Jim'll Paint It.


A marvelous exemplar of political posters.

Waugh stood in the 1979 election as the 'Dog Lover's Party' candidate. Classic British political trolling...

When the historical society goes for a no expense spared reenactment…

I learn today that a Tyrannosaurus is chronologically closer to an iPhone than it is to a Stegosaurus.

After several days of torrential rain, it is a refreshing change to see a glorious sunset.

I spun up a Pleroma instance to take a look at the platform. Some things I like, but one thing which is odd. The instance only seems to be able to see posts, followers etc. from servers since I setup the my instance.

Yet on my Mastodon instance, I can click through the historic posts of a user. Making it easier to connect.

Anyone know if this is one of the key differences between Mastodon and Pleroma or if it is a configuration issue?

First screen shot is from Mastodon, second from Pleroma.

Fabulous observation by the dean of counterculture comedians.

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