was a pretty good month for Lord Liverpool. His was on the 7th; on the 8th (1812) he became & on the 9th (1814) he was made a Knight of the Garter.

Humans appear to be flying or levitating in some of the ancient cave art of Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria; dated to approximately 9500 BC.

Seems I’m developing a following in Neuchâtel. A little unexpected.

It is done. I may now style myself Dr Winter.

It feels amazing to have realised a boyhood dream. The journey, that being the last twenty or so years since I left school, has been one with more diversions and dead ends than I would have liked. But if putting the letters PhD in my list of credentials means anything, it is that so long as you have a clear goal and an even clearer plan for achieving that goal, it can be achieved despite the world’s best efforts to subdue your dreams.

Map of POW camp Stalag Luft III showing the locations of the 'Great Escape' tunnels.

Hmm... seems to be a 9 version difference between the latest versions of Firefox and Tor.

I'm sure not news to anyone else, but I hadn't notice that before.

In 1852 Queen Victoria's arrival for the had a double meaning as she was also there to open the new palace of . 

Key features of Westminster were still not complete, such as the clock tower. didn't work properly until 1863.

Gravitational centre of Yorkshire: if you were to place a pin on this point, the polygon of Yorkshire would balance perfectly on it.

Hilariously, for those from the 'right' side of the Pennines, Manchester doesn't even feature on the map. 😂

Source: Ordnance Survey

in 1921, the Brilliant Bletchley Park cryptanalyst Mavis Batey was born.

Batey's breakthrough of Enigma proved crucial in the success of D-Day.

She later became a historian of gardening who campaigned to save historic parks and gardens, and an author. Batey was awarded the Veitch Memorial Medal in 1985, and made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1987, in both cases for her work on the conservation of gardens.


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