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New ! The Earth's submarine fiber optic cable network, visualized in with .

Code: gist.github.com/tylermorganwal

Rayrender Github: github.com/tylermorganwall/ray

Hmm… 🤔so is my diagnostic data linked to me or not linked to me?

Well, with that much data linked to me I won’t be using that app, but still… paradox…

For those who think ‘too many tabs open’ is a modern phenomenon. Think again. 🙃

John Bunyan, preacher and writer, died in 1688. His portrait from the thirty first edition of his best-known work, The Pilgrim's Progress.

A man paints a line between the Soviet sector (left) and the British sector (right). A striking reminder of the arbitrariness of sovereign borders. 1948

Time for me to start answering some of the hard hitting questions in life. Up today…to which ‘-stan’ are you the closest?

At no point in this extract did I know what the next word would be…

‘I think it’s just common courtesy to wear a mask when other people are around.’

Cartoon by Matt Percival


Liftoff! 🚀

No matter how quotidian a rocket launch may become, it will always remain a sight of wonder to me.

The Multipurpose Laboratory Module "Nauka" is on its way to the International Space Station after launching from the Baikonur in .

Utterly staggering work by @cyowari. A freelance illustrator specializing in vector-based maps.

This is a map of Europe in World War 1 - Mid October 1914.

I’m normally not one for sales pitches, but his work is so outstanding it would be remiss not to give a shout-out. If you're interested in his work - send a mail at:

If you want to get map copies in high-res:

Prints available here:

‘On 20 June 1948 the Americans allowed Ludwig Erhard to cut this Gordian knot with the most extraordinary move in modern economic history. Personal savers with 1,000 Reichsmarks woke up with only 65 Deutschmarks. The government was virtually freed of all debt. But the Porsches, Krupps and Quandts, who had built up vast but useless Reichsmark profit balances… were allowed simply to cross out the word ‘Reichsmarks’ in their accounts and replace it with ‘Deutschmarks’.


‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.’ - Mark Twain

‘On This Day 1903 Lt Cdr Byrdes-Eye shows Lt Pugg-Washe, Lt Davey-Jones, Lt C. Wead and Lt Salty-McSalty that the Submarine they purchased from Amazon Prime is not as big as they had hoped.’

Original satire by RAF Luton.

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