Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559. This print from c.1603 shows her holding the orb and sceptre and wearing a magnificent embroidered and jewelled dress.

'unquestionably the greatest astronomer of his age': died 1742 in Greenwich, Edmond Halley, astronomer royal from 1721. 
Best known for predicting the transit of 'his' comet - sometimes thought to presage disaster. 
Next due in 2061.

Died 1834, William Wyndham Grenville, Lord Grenville, one of only 2 father & son pairings both to be :
‘the flowers of imagination, or the gaieties of society never seduced him astray.’

Apparently a border river between and Russia.

Given their history, the notice about urinating is perhaps apt. 😉

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Tribute to Stephen Hawking, interpreter of the universe & advocate for people with disabilities, born in 1942.

Professor Hawking embodied the values of UNESCO to share knowledge & empower people.

May his star forever shine.

💫 t.co/5xT0lxgflM

After a few days of clear sky, rain clouds are steadily forming as the sun sets on another wonderful day on the water.

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To shape just & sustainable futures, education itself must be transformed. We must rebalance our relationships between:
Check out @UNESCO’s report 👉 on.unesco.org/3mVQcbS

Explorer Ernest died 100 years ago, during an expedition to the South Pole. Frank Hurley, expedition photographer, took this image of Emperor penguins in Antarctica in 1915.

Archives release revealing the advice given to the Prime Minister in 1997 on thinking about the SDR, the fact that the British Army 'served little military purpose', and the political debate on whether MOD efficiencies should be reinvested, or given to Health.

From Roger Liddle, Baron Liddle — Special Adviser on European matters to the former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Due to this thing called , decided to holiday near home this year. Not a bad thing when there are views this spectacular in the town I currently call home.

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Let us remember Desmond Tutu. Remember the difference one voice can make. Remember that even in the deepest darkness, & fundamental freedoms will always be our guiding light.

This is what thought us all & this is the message we must forever carry on.

A Heartening End To Queen Elizabeth’s First Televised Christmas Message, 1957.

O Come, All Ye Faithful - Westminster Abbey, Christmas Eve Service.

One of the great Christmas poems. Read by the legendary Sir John Gielgud.

General Sir William Marshall reads the Turkish Armistice address in Baghdad - 2 November 1918.

Crowning of King George VI • 1937.

Some may recall the scene from the film ‘The King’s Speech’ in which the Archbishop recalls not being able to find the front of the crown. This is the actual scene.

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God Save The King • George VI Coronation, Westminster Abbey, 1937.

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