Today, spurred on by a marvelous post by @dajbelshaw, I mused on 5 reasons I will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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@robert @dajbelshaw I don't understand how anyone can support the monarchy?
The fact that people believe "this person is special, because he/she's X's child"?
It's archaic and discriminatory? Don't you think? The Monarchy is a waste of tax payer's money.


@fatboy @robert Yep, I don't harp on about the financial side of things too much as there's always special accounting that can argue either way.

What's clear to me, not that I particularly want to debate it, is that it's a relic of the past and should play no role in a modern, functioning democracy...


@dajbelshaw @robert Good point, and I agree with you there. Probably no point in debating it hey? Haha

@robert @dajbelshaw Having no horse in this race, I enjoyed reading both your posts

@epilepticrabbit @dajbelshaw I’m glad you enjoyed the sparring match. Makes the writing all the more worthwhile. 🤓

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