The FB whistleblower told of "a corporate culture of growth-at-any-cost." EFF believe we need to "change that culture by restoring competition—and that means breaking up the company."

I'm not a huge fan of trying to legislate market forces as it usually has unintended consequences in which the cure is worse than the disease. But in the case of FB, I'm tempted to make an exception as it seems clear 'other' networks will never get traction because everyone is on FB...

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@robert On the other hand, #NiallFerguson writes, "As Roose noted in September, “Facebook is in trouble.” It is in fact suffering the “kind of slow, steady decline that anyone who has ever seen a dying company up close can recognize.” Facebook use among teenagers in the U.S. has been declining for years. Now Instagram is losing market share to faster-growing rivals. “Facebook is for old people,” as one 11-year-old put it."


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