I don't understand apple users who keep swearing by the "superior hardware" after butterfly keyboards, touch bars, the need for adopters that don't come in the box, minimal ports, mediocre CPUs and graphic cards, and expensive support that sums up with "did you upgrade to big sur" and replacing the logic board.

This is nonsense. It just shows you're not looking hard enough elsewhere. Nope, don't get it.

#apple #hardware


Iphones. Glorious walled garden devices that won't even let you browse your own files on the device, let along use something like Syncthing or even - I think - ssh based apps.

The first thing an iOS device does when you power it up is to call back home to Apple. They never have been private people are finally waking up.

Androids that cost half as much have better specs and can be wiped for complete privacy and be used for anything with combination of smart apps iphone users can't dream about.

You can't be a serious privacy nerd and sell me Apple over Google. No one cared about your privacy but you.


@jrss I certainly agree on the hardware front. Yes, the tendency for aluminium over plastic is welcome, but otherwise under specked and over priced.

I built a PC for home, albeit a rather nice one for gaming, and for about 4.5k ended up with a more performant machine than Apple could muster for nearer 15k!!!!

@jrss Smartphones are a bit of a different kettle of fish. I fully agree that neither G nor A mobiles are privacy friendly, but certain apps are a must for work and personal banking needs.

But I keep trying to crack that nut and each year get that bit closer. One day… I will have my tech utopia.

@robert I think the point is, to me at least, is that we live in between - and that's what Linux and Foss represent.

No Microsoft with Windows and Office. No Apple with their eco system, or Google with theirs.

Your computer OS is your Linux brand of choice. The hardware is built from parts you choose. The phone, you customize (and yes usually this means android, but that's the only connection to Google).

You mix what you get and build the best thing for you - and it's never just one flavor.

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