Anyone else who uses the 'Toot' app on iOS experiencing connection issues with it? I know my Mastodon instance is working because I can post / read fine from the web. But the mobile app...

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@robert I use it, but haven’t had any issues. My biggest issue with it is the “click for more” button :/

@chris Thanks for the feedback. It's odd, the app notified me of your response, but when I go into the app, just a whole lot of can't refresh the feed.

Oh well.. time for bed anyway. Likely the app's way of telling me... 😉

@chris Update: it was the VPN on my phone. Seems ProtonVPN’s Wireguard is living up to its ‘beta’ cautionary usage advice.

@robert Oh wow! Good to know and I’m glad you were able to fix it.

@chris what is the issue with the click for more button?


@kev @robert it seems so Unintuituve. I often click it the wrong direction, too, which is so annoying.

@chris @robert I didn’t even know it was directional until a couple months ago. Those little arrows are easy to miss. That’s why I asked, in case you had the same issue.

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