@robert It’s funny. And, while I suppose it may be true, I still trust the government more than I trust any given corporation. Any corporation at all…

@robert But, I suppose that may be affected by the fact that I live in a country where we have more reason to trust our governments than most.


@fgraver Yes, it is more humor than reality. To begin with, I never need to be 8 beers deep. 😉

But seriously. I think in any trust relationship it comes down to self-interest. Does the entity have mine at heart or is it theirs that matters more? Will they sell me down the river, not even if necessary but merely if convenient, to further their self-interest or are interests their primary concern.

@fgraver If they prioritise their needs over mine, trust is unlikely to be established. If our interests are aligned, the entity can be trusted; albeit only in a limited way. Limited to when our interests diverge.

In that sense I trust an entity such as ProtonMail to keep my interests, email privacy, well protected because their business model pivots around this need and thus their interests and mine are aligned. Like you, I trust my government, but only in so far as our interests are aligned.

@robert I also can’t see the need for 8 beers 😜 Not sure I’d be able to articulate anything after than many beers any more (and perhaps I never could…).

I see where you’re going with the trust / interests thing, but not sure I’m quite there. I trust my government to act according to what they believe to be the best for society, even if some of their actions may go against my (percieved) self-interest.

I don’t trust corporations; I pay them and expect to get what I pay for.

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