I've been pondering what to do with some of the thoughts that intrigue but I haven't, or perhaps won't, get around to writing up as articles or essays.

My solution, is a jottings section on my blog. Akin to the notes that I've seen used to great effect by some of my favorite bloggers.

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@dajbelshaw Ooh, you manage this on a separate website rather than a sub-section of your main site? Hmm...


@robert on your PhD: "the process becomes more a question of will power than mental acuity" yes, indeed! How far are you in the process? For me, it's not the flow of writing or getting things accepted, but the seemingly endless endurance run...

@wouter thankfully in my final run. Writing up my conclusions and general tarting up of other sections. Hope is to submit it for marking by September.

But with full time work and some musical chairs with supervisors, two have now been made redundant as the University makes cuts to the faculty, and that timeline may move. But I hope not. 🤞

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