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An important interview with Proton’s founder and CEO, Dr. Andy Yen, along with two prominent activists and thought leaders, Cory Doctorow and Max Schrems, on what the future of the web could hold.

For anyone wanting to truly de-Google their phone but remain on Android, push notifications are often the Achilles' heel. To address this, @threemaapp have built their own push service. That's commitment to privacy.

On the topic of which, surprised Threema isn't, yet, a listed messaging service on @privacyguides

Caracal's ears each have more than 20 muscles that swivel around to detect sounds of their prey. The tufts may enhance sound going into their ears or be used to communicate with other caracals.

‘As the Internet reveals, information technology is far more effective in propagating ignorance than in advancing science. For, in the conquest of cyberspace, ignorance has a flying start, being adapted to the habits of idle minds.’
— Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged by Roger Scruton

‘In London, at the end of the 17th century, a fashion for unusual dials came into being. A popular form was the ‘sun-and-moon dial'. This exquisite example was crafted by clock-maker Richard Colston c. 1675–1710!’

Though I in no way see Zuckerberg as a legend, this is still apposite.

I forget where I saw this, else I would cite the creator, but design does have rules.

I’ve largely been avoiding social media of late, but flicked through Twitter this evening and was pleased to see a gem among the dross.

@JubalBarca rightly corrected my trivia the other day in observing a minority politician from what writer Ehrenburg and Hobsbawm termed the ‘long nineteenth century’. So today we dig a little deeper than Dadabhai Naoroji in 1892…

Trivia question: Henry Stanley, Lord Stanley of Alderley, became the first Muslim member of the House of Lords in 1859. It would be 26 years before the appointment of a Jewish peer. Who was that peer?

Trivia question: Sir John Redwood, the Tory MP and former cabinet minister, turns 71 today. He earned what Star Trek-inspired nickname during his 1995 leadership challenge to John Major?

Answer: Diane Abbott, Paul Boateng, Bernie Grant and Keith Vaz.

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Trivia question: The 1987 general election was held 35 years ago this weekend when four black and minority ethnic Labour MPs were elected for the first time in modern history. Who were they?

Answer: Live radio broadcasting. Tony Benn was the first minister to be questioned on air.

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Trivia question: What did parliament allow for the first time in 1975?

was a pretty good month for Lord Liverpool. His was on the 7th; on the 8th (1812) he became & on the 9th (1814) he was made a Knight of the Garter.

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