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Fabulous observation by the dean of counterculture comedians.

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To give some context to the joke.

“Varus is generally remembered for having lost three Roman legions when ambushed by Germanic tribes led by Arminius in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, whereupon he took his own life.”

Dutch Minister of Energy (liberals) gave Facebook priority access to the power grid. Due to limited capacity there are procedures in place for entities for big demands to ensure fairness… which have been put aside because Facebook threatened to go somewhere else.
#Facebook #environment #energy #TheNetherlands

'Overheid gaf Facebook voorrang ondanks krapte op het stroomnet' -

in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show, Neon lighting debuted.

Cultural phenomenon ✅
Visual abomination ✅


Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

There have been reports of a thesaurus leak, and I’m worried, bothered, concerned, apprehensive, fraught, fretful and nervous about it. You never know when it may strike. Or transpire. Be vigilant. And wary.

1 Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment wading ashore in November 1942.

Took me a moment before I noticed the dog…

research shows that exposure to climate hazards is not evenly distributed across Africa, with major hotspots in Sahelian West Africa, North Africa, and East Africa. How is the global impacting Africa?

1783 the last British troops left for the final time. Later in the day George Washington staged a ceremonial entry into the city. The moment came to be commemorated as "Evacuation Day".

Not quite so majestic as Independence Day. I see why Americans opted for the latter national day of celebration. 🙃

We published TWO new episodes of the Tao of WAO talking about #remotework Check out the recents or find an older episode you’re interested in:

The iPhone maker is taking the legal action against NSO Group, which sells software that allows customers to break into someone’s phone and remotely monitor their activity, and is also seeking a permanent injunction on the company using its tools on “any Apple software, services, or devices”.

The Mona Lisa was moved through five hiding places in rural France during the Second World War.

Today on Warfare @lauramorelliphd explores the stories of the Nazis who searched for treasured artworks, and the curators and others who hid them.

“Marching behind a banner stating “Together for Freedom”, the crowd included far right activists, LGBT+ rights campaigners and people carrying the Flemish flag.”

Nothing like opposition to government restrictions to unite otherwise opposing groups.

I hope European Fedizens (people of the Fediverse in Europe) are safe and well. Too often it is innocent bystanders who get most hurt when governments and activists clash…

I use Chrome for work and saw a new feature in the latest update: 'Copy link to highlight.' Rather neat.

That was until I tested it and it requires my recipient to use the Chrome browser...

It takes only 10 “likes” for Facebook to know us better than our work colleagues, 150 to know us better than our friends and family, and 300 to anticipate our behavior better than our spouse. We are living in a 'post-privacy' world.

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What are the best (preferably philosophical) articles you have read on privacy? Please share!

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